The Efacec QC45 multi-standard charger is a fast charging station for electric vehicles. The Efacec QC45 multi-standard charger supports all relevant charging standards (AC and DC charging), thereby enabling the charging of different types of electric vehicle.

This system supports
the following charging standards:

50kW DC charging output


50kW DC charging output


22kW AC charging output

Which stations
have this charger?
Tifon, Baneki 18, 10010 Buzin
Tifon, Karlovačka cesta 88, 10250 Lučko
Tifon, Mrzljaki 116, 47000 Draganić (A1)
Tifon, Mrzljaki 118, 47000 Draganić (A1)
Tifon, Pod Javorovom kosom 30, 51300 Ravna Gora (A6)
Tifon, Ljubljanska avenija 10, 10000 Zagreb
Tifon, Karapandže 35/a, 47300 Ogulin (A1)
Tifon, Karapandže 35/b, 47300 Ogulin (A1)
Tifon, Glavica Bužonjića 4, 23243 Jasenice (A1)
Tifon, Glavica Bužonjića 5, 23243 Jasenice (A1)
Tifon, Slavonska avenija 110, 10000 Zagreb
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